The ESL Student Checklist


To learn English as a second language students need to draw from a variety of skills powered by a positive attitude to achieve success.  The following is a simple checklist to see if you have what it takes to become proficient at another language.  Go through each item and ask yourself if this describes you.  If so are on your way to mastering thelanguage. If do you begin to change?



I spend some time with English everyday.


I speak with native rhythm and speed.


If I don't understand, I ask quickly and without fear.


If I don't know the vocabulary I describe it as best as I can.


I am not afriad to make mistakes.


I have a system to get, remember and review vocabulary and grammar consistently.


I understand English in terms of patterns that can generate endless sentences.


I use what I learn as soon as I can.


I often review and mentally recall what I am studying.


I spend a little time everyday thinking in English.


I am willing to learn new gestures, facial expressions and tones.


I mimic native speakers as much as I can.


I understand the role of nuance in language and use it.


I practice outloud, repeating, remembering and fine tuning my smoothness.


I use stories to learn English, understanding them and memorizing them.


I am not afraid to disagree in English.


I understand highly regarded communication principles.


I use English to gain knowledge.


I seek all opportunities to speak English.


I am good at keeping myself motivated.


I believe that every situation is a chance to learn and grow.


I can make and reach goals in a clear and deliberate way.


I am willing to spend the time and effort needed to succeed.


I will never give up.  No matter what. I am persistent.


I am curious about the world around me.


I believe everyone can teach me something.


I am willing to immerse myself in English for extended periods of time.


I really enjoy learning, talking to new people and interacting in the language.


I have  good habits that feed my language ability endlessly.


I am willing to design my lifestyle so that it feeds my language needs.


There are many native speakers in my life.