The Early Days

An Archive of Poems written as a child.


All Poems are written by Matt Carter


These Poems come mainly from 2 collections, one was entitled "Fences" and was written between the ages of 9 and 13.  The second was entitled "Chains" and covers most of my High School Days.  I haven't included the entire work as I was quite prolific and a lot of what I wrote was bad but here are a few of the highlights.


From Fences



It was an old fence

beginning to crumble

and break apart

and in a way I was glad

Glad because it would mean

a chance to finally meet my neighbor

It was easy to remove

People don't realize how

simple it is to

break a fence

A push or two and the

whole thing collapses

In fact it is really much harded to

put up a fence, being sure

that it won't fall to age

Why don't we leave our

fences down?






Strength in Metal

Strength in Hand

Strength to kill and protect the land

Lives once untouched

Lives once unstained

Bloodied in the call of countries uncontained



just boys


must go

just try

some die

What good does it serve?

What joy does it bring?

Not a thing.


I gaze upon this bloody knife

and in my mind I feel

scars not upon my body

but scars that never heal



Side by Side

Bubbles rise to meet the air

coming from below

Struggling stretching to the top

fast as they can go

Filled with creatures big and small

the world inside both dark and cold

No one knows it's troubled fate

or the mysteries it holds

The strong and clever live

The weak and lame die

There is no place for compassion

all but survival a lie 

This place of seeming terror though

has beauty still and pride

it lies next to another world

a place with land now dried

I ask myself a question

one that has bothered me

How much different is our world

from that under the sea?






All of her nights are cold and lonely

All of her dreams are gone

Nowhere to go

Nowhere to stay

But still her life

goes on

She prays at night for someone to love

For someone that will care

She's tired of waiting

Tired of turning

Tired of finding

no one there

The mirror reveals only half a reflection

Unnoticed tears do fall

Lonliness tugs

like a suffering child

her heart loves

not at all




Speeding away

on fragile ice

and flying like

the wind is he...

All he know is that

he loves it

Loves it when he wears his skiis.

What it is doesn't matter

because he is so free

Nothing else does he want

but to live and ski.

All the rest don't understand

They just can't seem to see

What joy

What pleasure

that he draws when

he is left to





A Prayer

God's in you and you're in him

He's in everyone

He is life and his light

shines brighter than the sun

Possesions can be bought and sold

but God's love you can keep

Use it well in your attempts

to Reach his other sheep





Security is a nice word

So safe, so warm, so strong

and it's hard to face the fact

that we can't stay there for long.


In every way throughout our lives

The patterns get rearranged

We close our eyes for an instant

and open them to a world that's changed.




An Omen

High Above the Eagle flew

And down below a people grew

Way up high the Eagle sailed

and a warrior nation soon prevailed

When the Eagle dove from the sky

They suffered summers hot and dry

In Autmn the Eagle stretched his wings

and they reaped the harvest good fortune brings

The day the Eagle flew no more

White man anchored on a nearby shore.




An Arrow

I was an Arrow in an archers bow

With no direction or place to go

Shot randomly where I don't know

but a place the shone with agiolden glow

Here in this stange land

discovered I was by your hand

You grasped around my wooden band

pulling me forth from the sand

I thought you so great and grand

You may have pittied me then,

I know not why

A lonely arrow left to die

Left in a field barren and dry

You took me in, aimed me high

gave me direction and let me fly.



Initials on a Tree


They used to walk together

and sit under the tree

They carved a lasting reminder

of a love that came to be


They used to lay beside it

Beside that towering tree

and talk of all lifes offers

and things they'd like to be


They used to run their fingers

On the marks upon the tree

To outline embedded letters

To prove that time agreed


They used to sit in the coolness

The shade of their special tree

and rest beneath it's stretching boughs

but now it is only she. 




Inward I go

now to find

the hidden secrets

 in my mind

Inside and out

up in between

searching for something

never before seen

I'll find its power

release the "me"

and on the world

I'll set it free



An Unfinished Painting

Started but not completed

half of a beautiful thing

like a lake without the water

or a diamond without the ring

Your brush had touched my heart

Your stroke had made me feel

and just as the image was coming to life

you stopped to check "appeal"

It didn't look how you'd planned it

The painting just wasn't right

So instead of taking it in a new direction

you abandoned it incomplete

unpleasing and bitter to sight.

Like a mountain without the forest

The twilight without the sun

Some things form over time

and some remain undone.




stranded on the side of the raod

a lonely hitchhiker with a heavy load

it's not so much in what he carries

the weights in his mind

and the things that he burries

he's left his home

freedom to roam


to be on his own

but there's nowhere he knows

that he'd like to go


waiting for a passing car

to take him further away

waiting for a moment he can stop

and say

this is my home

no more must I roam.


he feels sorry, so sorry

he never said goodbye

so sorry he never tried

the road can be long and empty

so many miles and he still

can't out run the pain

no freinds near

not even a dime

just a hope that

he will leave this life behind

sleeps where he can

every morning he stretches out his hand

stretches out his thumb

this simple gesture makes him so sad

many people he meets

but none want him for more

than a few hours of lonely travel

ohh lonely travel

and he's sorry he didn't listen

so sorry for this existence

so sorry he just didn't know

so just keep waiting for something to show




Not a day passes when I don't long to be there

to touch the air

run down the long dirt road

fish in the stream

to know myself







From Chains:



A Tree

I saw a tree standing straight and tall

It looked content though it's world was small

It's truck was firm it roots were deep

It peacefully stood in a gentle sleep


It had all it needed it bathed in the sun

It watched the stars when the day was done

It drank from the mountain, Surrouned by green

Was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen


It's life was so simple, no worries or cares

To all who visit it openly shares

It was a lesson for all to see

That's what I learned from a tree





Words I Can't Speak


Today you stood by close

I longed to touch you...hold you

tell you how I feel

but I couldn't


Occasionally we "talk" and when I hear your

soft sweet voice

it takes me to a land of dreams

it takes me to a land of uncertainty


Your beauty pulls me, I want to know what you think,

Do you feel the same and can't tell me either?

I want to know...I want to ask...but I'm



To express my love, to treasure your pressence

to savor your image, these things I want to do

and say I can't...

and yet I just did.




Infinitely Endless

Another second ticking by

Anotgher answer to the question why

Another star up in the sky

Another number to multiply

Another child born to die





Eyes wide

riding light

groovin' to the miracle

of sight

they say the mirror

doesn't lie

but face up on the floor

I spy

the twisted image

reflected and sent

from this angle

distorted and bent

and knowing illusion

is there to decieve

I ponder the image I receive

which one in infinity

my eyes perceive




Father can you understand

breaking away to be a man

plunging in foolish and wise

the screen of youth

before my eyes


Father can you see the sin

Reaching out and reaching in

Behind the frame the man confides

the frightened child

timidly hides


Father can you know the way

The truth, the wisdom, the words to say?

The complex blending or sadness and joy

becoming a man

losing the boy






To seek and never find

to looka nd never see

to listen and not hear

to try and no succeed

is but a single tear

longing to be free



Yon Mighty River

Float down yon mighty river

swim your way to it's end

don't stop to rest in it's current

or hessitate around the bends

Go until you've reached the bottom

Until there is no place left to go

until you accomplished all you've tried

and beaten every foe

Float down yon mighty river

Life it is called by men

and when you reach the bottom

there is a nother that never ends.