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ESL Reading


We teach our students that learning is a way of life and we believe it is the same for teachers.  ESL Teachers need to grow, learn, improve and play with new ideas as a way of living.  In this spirit, find below links to articles that help keep the conversation moving forward.  To suggest an article please submit the link here.




Second Language Teaching Methodologies


The 7 Intelligences


Young Children's Language Development


The New Translation Method


An Argument for Using L1 to Help Learn L2


L1 and L2 Discussion


What is the Best Way to Learn English?


Increasing Student Interaction (A Case Study)


Learning Theories


Task Based Learning


Stephen Krashen's ESL Theory


Language Acquisition Glossary of Terms


Natural Order


Bilingual Education


Pragmatics in SLA


ESL Motivation


Communicative Theory Revolution


Anxiety & Learning


Japanese Loanword Cognates