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Language Functions

The use of language serves several functions which require us to learn some set phrases...understand them...recognize the pattern and how we can manipulate them and then active and continuous usage.


     Hi.  Hello. How are you?  What's Up?  Good Morning.

      Good Afternoon.   Good evening.  Good Night.  Hey. 




        This is....(This is John)     He is a....(He is a dentist.)  My name is...(My 

       name is Jim)  She's from... (She's from Texas.)     This is his first

       time... (This is his first time to join us.  This is my...(boss, teacher,

       friend, cousin)  


Information Exchange (Q & A)

          Who is he?   What is it?   When is the movie?    Why didn't you go? 

        Where is it?  How many people came?   How much does it cost?  What

        time is the party?  How far is it?  Did you go?  Is it good?  Was it fun?

        Will he be there tonoght?  Are you going to help?  Do you want to

        play?  Does she have to work?  Could you lend me a pen?  Would he

        like to go? 



       Would you like to go?  How about dinner?  Are you free tomorrow?

         Can we have lunch together?  I would like you to come to my party

         next Saturday.   How about if we go to the museum together on

         Sunday?  Are you busy tonight?  Do you like Pasta?   Maybe we could

         catch a movie?  Please come to the Christmas Show.  Let's go to the

         concert together.  You wanna go?  I would like to invite you to the




       You should...(You should stop smoking.)  Why don't you...(Why don't

         you wait a week or so.)  If I were you...(If I were you I wouldn't go.)

         Maybe you can...(Maybe you can call her.)  I don't know what to tell

         you.  It depends on... (It depends on her.) 



        I'm soooo sorry.  I apologize.  Pardon me. Excuse me.  I feel terrible.

          I was my mistake.  I'm very sorry to be late.  I didn't mean for it to

          happen.  It was not my intention.  Please forgive me.  If I could take

          it back I would. 




        This is a ball.  It is red.  It is big and red.  It has three stripes.  There

          is a picture on the ball.  It is made from plactic.  It is made by Spalding.

          It is made in China.  It reminds me of a ball I had when I was a kid.

          I looks fun.  I imagine children still like balls.  We use it to play sports.

          It is about the same size as a basketball.  It is on the floor.



        I have two dresses. They both are cute.  They neither are cheap.

         This one is blue but that one is red. I prefer the red one.  It like it

         better because it suits my eye color.  The red dress was more expensive

         than the blue dress.  I would recommend the red dress for a date but

         the blue dress for lunch with friends.  This is the best dress I have.

         The red dress is the most expensive dress I have ever bought.


Story Telling

        Long ago...   Once upon a time...   A few days back... First...

          and then... after that... a couple of days later...  During the...

          While we were waiting...  etcetera...   One day...  Finally...

          At last...  suddenly...



        I'd like to show you how to make instant curry.  First you should

         boil some water.  Then put in the curry pack.  It takes about 5 minutes

         to heat.  While the curry is cooking you can put some rice on a plate.

         After 5 minutes take the package out of the water and open it.  Be

         careful because it is really hot.  Open the pack and pour it next to the

         rice.  Finally get a spoon and you are ready to eat. (Also see How To...)



            This is the plan.  Tomorrow we will get up at 5AM.  After we get ready

          and eat breakfast we should leave the house by six.  The we will pick up

          Tom and Nancy and head to the beach.  It takes abour 2 hours if traffic

          is light.  When we get to the beach let's relax until lunch time and then

          eat at one of those little beachside cafes.   If possible I want to do a

          little shopping in the village.  After that let's swim again at the beach. 

          We should probably leave before 4PM.



        I don't think so.  Are you sure?  What are you talking about.  C'mon.

          Really?  I don't believe that.  You must be mistaken.  Please look

          closely.  There's no way.  Let's check.  I'm sure I'm right.  Let's ask

          John.  Who told you that?  Whatever.



          We are gathered here today to.....  Ladies & Gentlemen I would like to

          propose a toast to...   In honor of.....  We would like to say

          congratulations to....  I'd like to thank.... 



         I would like to see...  I imagine it would be...  I can see

           it now.  It should be....   If we can I'd like to....   The theme is...

           The overall impression should be...