Moving Thoughts

A personal collection of powerful meditations. 

These are not my words but words that have helped me to see more clearly.


Keep stumbling in the right direction.



Behold the flame that no wind can cause to flicker.



Joyful participation in the sorrows of the world.



The most important things are invisible.



The human mind/spirit is like the surface of a pond-thoughts-desires

Manifest as ripples upon the surface. The more ripple the more distorted the water becomes so that the reflection distorts both line and light resulting in only broken forms.

To clear the mind…to connect with stillness…allows the surface to return to it’s unbroken condition

Where one can catch a glimpse of the true nature of being.



The best truths cannot be told



Don’t give up your vices-

Make them work for you.



The best place you can possibly be is where you are now.



Divinely superfluous beauty



The last door is leaving god for god.



When threatened by fear and desire let ego go.



When the hero comes to the forest edge in search of the dragon…there is no well worn path there.

The hero must cut his own path. When he discovers another’s trail and begins to follow it invariably leads

To disaster. The hero must continue on the path that is his/hers alone to follow. The map is within.



The trick to unlocking understanding is not to listen to what is being said

But to listen to what is talking. (greed, malice, fear, pride, love?)



Where does revelation hide?

Between concrete understanding and spiritual understanding?



In choosing your god you choose

Your way of looking at the universe…

There are many gods…which do you choose?

To the ancients gods were the personification of power

In our time they have become the source of power…

All the gods that have ever existed are metaphors

Not powers.



The creation of Sacred Space



Where are “you” between two thoughts?



Get in there and do your thing-

Don’t worry about the outcome



When there is time---there is sorrow

It is of the essence

We cannot delete the sorrow

But we can choose to live in joy.



Women have the power to veil

To project and to reveal.



The brain can be developed just the same as muscles can be developed if one will only take the pains to train the mind to think. Thomas Edison



Truth must overcome a thousand obstacles to get on paper undamaged and then back from the paper to the mind. --Lichtenberg



The truth of the past is not always the truth of the present. As we progress the scenery changes.



Convictions are more dangerours enemies of truth than lies. Nietzche



Your truths cannot be discovered by any one else.



The reason we hold truth is such high respect is that we have so little opportunity to get familiar with it- Mark Twain



I love truth. We need it. Humanity needs it. Unfortunately we have a greater need for untruth which flatters, consoles and gives hope.



If one attempts to assign religion its place in man’s evolution it seems not so much to be a lasting acquisition as a parallel to the neurosis which the civilized individual most pass through on his way from childhood to adult hood. -- Sigmund Freud



We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe. Oliver Wendell Holmes



Interesting that those who know god’s will so confidently usually have it coincide with their own desires.



What we need are less lifeboats and more lighthouses. Henry Miller



God is a projection of our highest self, Satan the projection of our enemies lowest self.

Both human creations.



For religion to teach humility they must first learn it.



The great fallacy of western religion is this: That man was granted a temporary body with an eternal soul.

The truth: man is part of an infinite body with a universal soul.



We reason deeply when we forcibly feel.




Every individual as it were is sort of an experiment made by nature to test this or that group of qualities.

hg wells



If we could realize how much habits controls our life we might pay more heed to them while we are in the plastic state



There is no substitute for feet, hands, and eyes as tools of mastery. when you substitute book for these things we give up reason to accept the reasoning of others the result that we believe much and know little.



Education is an admirable thing but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught



Love and sex have very different jobs and they should never be forced to do each others work



What would a life with no secrets look like? 



Is happiness just a brief momentary distraction from irritation?



He who has why can bear almost any how -Nietzsche



Truth has many doors



Do all in your power to lessen ill and increase good but never assume to Comprehend-

-John Adams, Founding Father



If man chooses not to serve nature then nature will try another experiment



Molecules don’t have passports nor do they identify themselves by race, religion or social status. Our education must work towards allegience to the species and balance with the source both earth and space.



The reverence for a rainbow that ancient man had has been lost to scientific understanding. By looking into the matter have we not lost as much as we have gained?



It is not possible to step twice into the same river.



A change of fortune hurts the wiseman no more than a change of the moon --all is in flux



A very high value must be placed on the first experience, the impressionable nature of youth, the

Primary collision with a situation and what reaction are born not from experience but from innocent reaction.



We do not grow inside a box, symmetrically or even chronologically. One part of us explodes whuile another dimension collapses, some flowers in the garden of our soul bloom and others are stunted. We can be mature and childish in the same breath and past present and future can mix and mingle forming us into endless shapes at any given moment.



Genius does not understand or recognize mistakes. The errors are volitional and become new portals of discovery .



If we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes for just a moment how differently the world might appear? Picasso



Writers teachers and philosophers  ….are specialized cells in the organism, introducing new ideas that are absorbed and experimented with, refined, materialized and eventually accepted or rejected.



What good is a freedom that we do not know how to use?



Know the truth and the truth will set you free.



All evil flows from ignorance, a lack of understanding of the truth, of the real and eternal nature of the “All”. Evil is like a shadow, it has no real substance or form, you cannot make it disappear by force, by jumping on it, or by trying to quarantine it. The only way to make a shadow disappear is to shine light upon it.



7 Principles All Teachers should Know)

All Possibility- Seeing the True Nature of the Infinite

Dynamic Exchange - Finding how we things interact within it.

The tool box of the Higher Self - Discovering our tools (birth gifts, talents, cultural, human)

Creation & Destruction - Existing in Need and Abundance (What is structure?)

Retention, Attention, Intention - Living in the Now

Alignment - Functioning at a higher vibration (truth) (Define/devine Align refine)





Being Creative-Self organizing power-from chaos-order from order chaos


Embracing uncertainty-



Bifurcationà amplification-a deciding moment - a turning point that begins to

amplify a thought and creates organization.



“Flow is that moment when self consciousness disappears, time vanishes or becomes full,

And there is total absorption in the activity, with intense clarity and little concern for failure.



Butterfly power-the tiniest changes create massive change over time.



Going with the flow-spontaneous movement towards an organizing idea-being present



What’s between-Consider for a moment that our entire existence is between 0 and 1.



An infinite number of rational numbers exist between any two integers. In fact between any

Pair of rational numbers no matter how close the lie, exists

An infinite number of rational numbers. Within this logical line we find intermittent irrational numbers-

Infinitely complex, with no internal order, so that there is no way to predict what the next digit will be. It is by definition random. The paradox of logic and order and randomness and chaos flow from here. There are at their very heart part of each other resulting in an ever twisting dance between the simple and complex. When we squeeze the simple, out flows the complex, when we are lost in the complex the simple emerges.



Beware over simplifications and over complexifications.

Life is both simple and complex



Light is both a particle and a wave



The Art of the world

No simple lines. Every line is infinite.



Living Within Time

Fractal time-the nuance of temporal time.



The multi dimensionality of time.



Live music has been shown to have a slight variance in measured beat,

Meaning it is imperfect, not mechanically metronomic, yet it is that very fractal fluctuation

Within regularity that brings the music alive and vibrant.



The major shift of modern society has to do with time. Time is a mathematical creation imposed upon the masses for the purposes of setting measurable parameters for profit. How much can your money earn compounded over 20 years. If I lend my capital here what is the interval with which it will return to me. This linear notion of time has nothing to do with reality and is a conditioned way of thinking that most people are trained in from a very early age. A baby goes from feeding when it is hungry (Its inner clock) to feeding by time within a few years. School and work start and finish according to the clock and have no relation to whether we are in the mood, ready for action or in a state that is condusive to the efficient completion of our tasks.



When creators create they actually create time and this alliance with the larger plus and minus of time in turn gives them the time they need.



Time is a measure of how much process one individual unit (of anything ) has experienced in relation to the outer environment.



The fractal curls of duration.



Exiting the Material Plane

1. To fully occupy the moment to the point of stillness

2. To from that state of consciousness choose the next moment

The creator creates the time and the moment. To fully occupy the moment

Adds to the moment, elongates it’s duration in relation to it’s own non existence

The progression of this moment into an infinite fullness achieves an anomalous

Point of apex where all flows into a moment of simultaneous balanced consciousness-that balance manifests

As stillness. That very consciousness is the substance of all that that is…the only rule of consciousness is that It may not occupy the same point twice in the same way.   This makes the moment following stillness (in any direction) new creation.  From that simple yet profound priciple comes the perception of time.



Rejoining the whole

One ship drives east and another drives west

With the selfsame winds that blow.

'Tis the set of the sails,

And Not the gales,

That tell us the way to go.

Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate;

As we voyage along through life,

'Tis the set of a soul

That decides its goal,

And not the calm or the strife.

-Ella Wheeler Wilcox