Original Songs

An Archive of Songs written by Matt Carter



From age 17 until the present I have written both words and music.  Here is a semi chronological list of

songs.  The links will take you to the lyrics page.  I have decided to post only the lyrics and not the chords or music

but maybe someday I'd like to attach an audio to each one.



High School (1984-85)

1.Through The Eyes of A Child


3.Lifeguard Stand




The Early Punk (San Francisco 1985-88)

5.Life is  Game


7.Freak From Hell*


9.Don't Go

10.Death At Dawn

11.The Capitalism Song

12.These Things Are Good

13.Are You Coming For Me

14.Over You

15.Grandpa"s Farewell

16.I Don't Know How to Say No

17.Don't Be Late

18.You Don't Impress me




22.The New Messiah

23. Love Feed My Soul


Jake and the Jackhammers (1987-88)

24.Can't Stop Loving You

25.Swing Low

26.Remember Me My Friend

27.Rebel At THe Door

28.Sex on Gilligan's Island

29.J on a Ho

30.New Wave Girls




The Japan Sessions I 1989

Give Me A Chance

Does She Care?

Two Sides


Beautiful World

Sweet Rosy

I Will Be Free

Sieze the Day

The Machine

Give A Little Love

I Wanna Fly

Why Can't The World Live As One

Ready For Peace

Every Moment

Carry On



Guerrero Street Sessions

With The Seasons


The Song of The Living

Still I Run


Love Carry Me Away


Death At Dawn

The Mighty River

Reality Dream

The Light Moving On

Gently touching

Ain't Got Nothin'

The Dream is On Fire



Japan Sessions II (Early 90's)


Are We Ourselves

Take It On

Cookie Jar

She Said

Red Label Blues

Too Many


From the Story of Ying & Yang (2000-2001)

First There Was Nothing

Romance In The Air

Flashlight Grin

Tonight You're Mine

Forever Changing

Vampire Girl

Back For More

Throw It Away!

Two Sides

Nothing Is True


Leave It All Behind

I Still Believe



Hawaii 2002 to Present

Living on Aloha


The Pipi & Pupu Song

Good Time Boy

Spiderman's Soul

Falling Wall