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Comment: This Song was written for a "Visions of Peace" Contest with a Friend (Bill Rogers)

when we were seniors in High School and won first prize.  We performed it at the awards ceremony.




Through the Eyes of a Child

by Matt Carter



Through the Eyes of a child

The world takes a different view

Through the eyes of a child

Everything's bright and new

A Day to laugh, and have some fun

To give hope to the world


But When we grow up

We're faced with so many lies

and before we even know

we see through hateful eyes



Oh turn away

Away from the lies they give

Open your hands, open your hearts

and really start to live

Take away hunger, take away crime

take away war, bloody and wild

Learn how to love, learn how to see

through the eyes  of  a child



Look around, look and see

where you can make peace begin

For peace to be a worldwide hope

It must come from within

Remember how it was as a child

The world had a different light

What a beautiful planet we live on,

what a beautiful, beautiful sight.


Somewhere we seem to lose our peace

We're clouded by reality

It's only a matter of knowing

Peace is truth, it's not a fantasy