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Comment: I played this for my girlfriend at the time and she looked at me with such a funny face

                  that I will never forget...and said..."Oh my God...That's so depressing. Can I put on

                  some Janet Jackson?"





Death At Dawn

by Matt Carter


One tear slowly falling

falling from the sky

falling from the face of God

and gently through my eye


Locked in a crimson fortress

blood dripping from the walls

tomorrow's the day I go away

the mourn rings through the halls


I will pay for my sins

when the sun steals the night

Now I wait here all alone

Drowning in my fright


I clasp my hands and ask forgiveness

for the things I've done

I stretch my hand to find a friend

and find that I have none.


Is it love or is it hate

That makes me cry so bad

I'm stranded here to realize

The wasted chance I had


Just two more hours until the sun

Two more hours to cry

Two more hours of lonliness

and then I'll die


The sun is up the time has come

I hear them coming to my cell

Like demons from the netherworld

to drag me off to hell


My hands are strapped the blindfold on

My back against this wall of hate

I hear them raise their guns at me

To finalize my fate


As finger tense and silence ends

There are rushing streams of red

It is finally finished

I'm dead