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Comment: I wrote this on the death of my Grandfather and sang it at his funeral.

                  He was important to me and it was a hard loss, also the first "death" that I had

                  experienced of someone close.



Grandpa's Farewell

by Matt Carter


Never to walk, with you

Never to talk , with you


Again wth you.


Never to hear your tales

Never to hunt with you


again with you


And the man I loved he lives no more

But he's in my heart forever more


It's such aloss that no one knows

they say easy come easy go

but the're wrong

so wrong.


Never to see you smile

Never to learn your style


again with you

Never to wish with you

never to dream with you


again with you


And my kids won't know the man he was

my kids won't know

how great he was

how great he was

Thank you so much fo all you gave

I'll always treasure

Our innocent days

our innocent days