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Comment: The Games of youth, inconsistent and undeniable. 





Are You Coming For Me?

by Matt Carter


You touch my hand

I fall inside

I feel the need to run and hide

I turn my head

when you walk by

I try to smile

but it's a lie



Are you coming for me baby

Or should I come after you?

Give me a nod, a smile or a grin

that's all I need to let the chase begin.

What is it about you that makes me feel so strong?

What is it about you that makes it seem so wrong?


I'm going down

faster each day

All I cherish seems to

slip away


Uncontained lust

tears me apart

the feeling of my body fight

the feelings of my heart




I know deep down

that I must say no

But we hunt for the hunt

when hunger's in control


and try as I may

things don't break

I know I'll regret whatever

choice that I make