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Comment: Ok-everyone has their pet peeves. Remember this was punk and I was young.





Don't be Late!

by Matt Carter


You said you'd be here

So where are you now?

I'm sitting here steaming

having a cow

don't you know what it does to me

In the minutes that go

between the time you said you'd be here and

the time you actually show

don't wanna hear your excuses

for making me wait

f-ing pissed you selfish bitXX

whenever you're late



Got places to go people to see

shit of my own bothering me

So little time

so much to do

and all of it better

than waiting for you

Don't Be Late!



I kick in the walls

break the glass

imagine ways to

kick your ass

what the FuXX are you thinking

I'm a busy man

if you're not gonna be there

don't tell me you can

outta control

in this raging state

what's your fuXXing problem

Why the fuXX are you late?