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Comment: Could I have been that lonely? Another High School Angst ballad?





by Matt Carter



So many faces so many lies

None will dare to remove their disguise

My lonliness cries out so loud

but I'm nothing more than a face in the crowd

All my sorrow

All my pain

come crashing down

like the pouring rain

I reach out

for someone to care

and I'm tired of finding

no one there

One night stands and

outward glances

but why won't these peole

take some chances



Oh Lonliness

Oh lonliness



What do they want

How do I know

What is it that they're afraid to show

I open myself

and try to share

they never respond

they don't even dare

They look at me as if I were a freak

they don't know

it's love I seek

I'm sad and tired

but I let it be

Cause there's no one here

to worry about me

The journey's long

and there's no one I've known

Will I spend my days





I'm so afraid

that my life will end

never having made

a really good friend

the game of life

is hit or miss

and I've missed the love

and hit lonliness

what is it about me

what is the excuse

that I put up with so much

pain and abuse

All I want is tenderness

Can it really be as bad as this

why even struggle

when I'll never win

Why'd it have to start?

why'd it have to set in?