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Comment: One of my personal all time favorites.




I Will Be Free

by Matt Carter


There are many ways to live your life

You can roll like a stone

You can spend your days in a purple haze

if you don't mind the fog

You can spend your youth your heart and mind

In search of treasures you'll never find

You can stay out side and dig for gold

If you don't mind the cold



But have you ever wondered about your life?

have you ever wondered why you're here?

Are you all they wanted you to be?

Do what you want

but as for me

I will be free


There are many paths that you can cross

If you like it that way

There are many books that you can read

Many things to say

You can close the door and stay inside

if you don't mind "alone"

You can spend your time in hot pursuit

of a place called home




You can be a slave to worldy pleasure

If you can pay the price

You can close the door

and grip the floor

and wait for your fate

Each step you take is a fork in the road

There are countless ways to go

You can race toward death or race toward life

which you'll never know.