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Comment: Written on the departure of a dear friend.




Remember Me My Friend

by Matt Carter


How long has it been since I knew someone

who helped me see?

How long has it been since I knew someone

who moved me



When winter comes and you're far away

I'll remember you

I'll think of you


When winter comes and your far away

I'll pray for you

and think of all those times


Isn't that the way of things

a moment, a smile

and then gone

You must go on

carry on



Remember me my friend

I'll remember you

Know that you're as close as my heart


The sun shines on

this empty space

this empty place


Reflecting off these

dingy walls

a place we called



I move on slowly

start again

make new freinds


I move on, on and on

and I can't explain

but it's not the same

since you've gone


Strange isn't it this life of ours

passing through like shooting stars

and the night

swallows up the light