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Comment: My first love song to be sure.  Written for a girl I loved a lot the summer after my senior year

                  but I was moving....she was still in High School...we let go.






by Matt Carter



Jill, Jill

Was it for real?

Do you still love me as I do you still?

Jill, Jill

These feelings that I feel

Are you the answer



I want you back

Back with me

I miss those nights of holding you

so tenderly

All the times we shared

All the things that we could be

I wonder what You're thinking

When you're thinking of me

I love you so much

Probably always will

I need you near me





There have been others

but no one quite the same

I've found no other

to live up to your name

Seems like so long ago

we loved by midnight's moon

We were torn apart, a broken heart

it ended much too soon

Deep, deep down inside

There's a feeling that I feel

Never find another