Useful Phrases for Travelling to an English Speaking Country





Where is the baggage claim?

I'd like to exchange some money.

I'll be staying at the ______ hotel.

My purpose is sightseeing.

Where can I catch a taxi?

Is there a shuttle to the hotel?




I'd like to check in please.

Can I have a receipt please?

Does this hotel have a _____? (pool, jacuzzi, room service, etc)

Could I get a wake up call for 6AM please?

Is there a ______ near here?

Could you call a taxi please?

Are there any good restaurants around here?

Where is the nearest ______? (cafe, supermarket, post office, etc)




A table for 2 please.

I'd like _____ please. (a hamburger, the fish, spaghetti, a beer, etc)

Do you have _____? (chopsticks, cocktails, rice, etc)

What kind of _____ do you have? (beer, dressing, pasta, etc)

Can we see the menu again please?

Do you serve breakfast here?

Where do we pay?

Can we get this to go please?





How much is this?

How much does that cost?

Do you any other colors?

Where can I find the ______?

Do you have _______?

Do you sell ________?

What time do you close?

What time do you open tomorrow?

Can I try it on?

I'll take it.

Do you accept credit cards?



Asking for Directions


Pardon me, where is the ______? (Bank, supermarket, drugstore, etc)

How far is it to the nearest _______?

Which bus do I take to get to ______?

What train goes to _______?

How long does it take by foot?

Could you tell me how to get to _______?

Pardon me, I'm lost.  Could you help me?

Which way is _______?

Which direction is _____?




Can we take photos here?

How much is the admission fee?

Would you mind taking our picture?

What time does this place close?

Are you open on Sunday?

Could you tell me about ______?

Where is the nearest bathroom?




What a beautiful ______!

We are from ______.

We'd like to make a reservation for the _____ tour.

Our room number is ______.